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We have also received valuable support from Western Power and BED Electrical Distributors.Pier 21, a former ocean liner terminal, is Canada’s National Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia.It operated as an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971 and became an immigration museum in 1999.

If you are interested in embedding one of the Clubs streams on your website, please contact [email protected] explain how you can help the Club help manatees through the incorporation of an embedded player on your site.This particular webcam (it cost me about ) uses the Real Tek chipset. le JOS 0.9.0 adds webcam support, and you can read more about it in Lawrie’s tutorial here: I figured I could do one better, and capture files from the webcam, convert them to JPG and then use the Dropbox Core API to upload them into my Dropbox account. I’m assuming you’ve connected your EV3 to your Dropbox as I explained in this tutorial. The 2017 season is well underway – Maya and 33(11) both returned on 22nd March, and Maya laid four eggs in early April.All four chicks hatched in mid-May, but sadly two died shortly after hatching. The nest cameras and transmission equipment have been kindly funded by the Martin Lawrence Memorial Trust.

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