Validating the vision statements

In the worst case, we could implement the wrong stories, get feedback from the wrong people, and build a product nobody wants and needs.I have found it very valuable to answer the following four questions before stocking the product backlog: Without knowing who the users and customers are and why they would employ the product, it’s impossible to write meaningful user stories.Markets for substrates used in enzymatic analysis are expanding.When you’ve formulated your point of view with an eye toward the future, it’s the vision that will guide you and your team toward the North Star.The vision statement must articulate the goals for the product.The product owner is responsible for knowing about the product, its goals, and its requirements throughout the project and takes responsibility for creating the vision statement, although other people may have input.

Misinterpretation Mistake #1 – Simplifying Transformative Change into Incremental Change Transformative strategies are those that involve a major change in the direction of the company.

This progress has identified significant areas of potential which remain to be exploited.

For a biotechnology company with ambition and vision, there lies ahead an exciting future: the test kit market for nutritional labelling is increasingly driven by consumer demand for labelling and health claims on all consumer goods.

It will inspire, engage and activate people so they are able to do a better job.

A vision statement is the headline to a much richer story about your future. While a vision statement is an aspirational description of what your team (or organization) would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid- or long-term future, to be truly useful (and powerful) a vision statement must point out not only where you want to go and when, but also how you’re going.

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