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This effort continues for Fender copies and Ricky & Gretsch copies.Additionally, Tokai has begun placing serial numbers on their Korean Made instruments (which begin with a letter) so hopefully we'll be able to make headway there as well.This section is the basis of the site and so far it seems to be working!

(Although PRS doesn't explain the initials, the "SE" may stand for "Student Edition," or "Standard Edition.") Santana SE Model: A Hybrid At less than a quarter the price of the least expensive Santana Signature guitar, there was no way for the SE model to include every feature and level of craftsmanship of it's predecessors.In 2016 PRS produced a limited run of Satin Nitro CE’s in 3 colours. This year’s run will feature 5 colours, Scarlet Sunburst, Faded Grey Black, Faded Grey Black Cherry Burst, Faded Grey Black Purple Burst & Faded Grey Black Jade Burst. Also new for 2017 are Ebony boards, a great tonal match for the maple neck. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.All material contained within is the property of the Tokai Guitar Registry.

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