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To resolve the conflict, we open 'hello.c' in an editor, delete the conflict markers and keep the "sure am glad I'm using Mercurial! You can, if you want, configure Mercurial to open the editor automatically.

Mercurial can also be configured to call external three-way merge tools.

The default dependency installation commands depend on the project language.

For instance, Java builds either use Maven or Gradle, depending on which build file is present in the repository.

Mercurial doesn't have a built-in facility for handling conflicts.

I issued a "hg up -r tip" to get to the tip of my repository.

Our task in resolving the conflicting changes is to decide what the file should look like.

Most often, it's even simpler than that and the files that are changed in the diverged lines of development are disjunct.

this has been bugging me for awhile and my searches have not turned up a good answer.

In Figure 3.3, “Working directory and repository during merge, and following commit”, you can see a representation of what happens to the working directory during the merge, and how this affects the repository when the commit happens.

During the merge, the working directory has two parent changesets, and these become the parents of the new changeset.

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