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I’ve done one 90-minute episode and more people talk to me about that than anything else.”When she read the script for A Scandal in Belgravia, she had just finished filming the final series of Spooks, and was flying back to Los Angeles, where the Kent-born actress lives: “It was one of those moments when you think ‘turn the plane around! That’s why we spent eight hours shooting that scene because if you saw a tiny bit of nipple ...” She breaks off. She has insecurities and flaws that make her act in extremes but I don’t think she’s anti-feminist.”Pulver says the response to the character has been incredible: “She is a perfect mirror for him, and sometimes we don’t want to look in the mirror.

I have to do this job’.”As well as drawing in almost nine million TV viewers on the night, the episode also attracted 100 complaints. “It is so cleverly shot by [director] Paul Mc Guigan, that it is what you don’t see that makes your imagination go crazy.”Shooting the scene sounds a logistical nightmare: “Our producer was going through it with the BBC — ‘So you can have one out-of-focus buttock but not two out-of-focus buttocks.’ It was kinda hilarious what she had to adhere to.”Pulver was completely nude for the scene “apart from Louboutins and some beautiful diamond earrings”, turning down the offer of a self-adhesive gel bra and pants: “They actually made me feel more uncomfortable.”But there were filming considerations too: “Paul Mc Guigan took me to one side and said: ‘Look, we’re going to spend probably 14 hours shooting this with that stuff on because if we see a glimpse of it, we can’t use it.’ [Being naked gave] an inch more space to play with. I thought I would get lovers of Benedict going ‘he can’t have a love interest’ but it was the complete opposite. If it had just been about a sexual attraction, people would have thought: ‘Why her?

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Halfway through our talk about his developing role in Homeland, Raza Jaffrey shatters the frail romantic hopes of a fair swathe of the UK population. That’s partly why I am racing around, back in London.

Louise is actually the title role, as "Louise" becomes the real-life early 20th century American strip-tease sensation Gypsy Rose Lee, on whose memoirs the musical is based.

Pulver's co-star in the Savoy production, Imelda Staunton, won the 2016 Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role as the larger-than-life Mama Rose.

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Lara Pulver (born 1 September 1980) is an English actress.She reprised the role in the Los Angeles production at the Mark Taper Forum opposite T. In 2010, Pulver joined the cast of the third series of HBO's True Blood as Sookie Stackhouse's fairy godmother, Claudine Crane.Pulver played Erin Watts, the new chief of Section D, in the tenth and final series of BBC spy drama Spooks, a role she reprised in the 2015 feature film Spooks: The Greater Good Pulver played Irene Adler in "A Scandal in Belgravia", the first episode of the second series of Sherlock.But do note that it is not possible to be certain of a person's genealogy without a family's cooperation (and/or DNA testing).If Lara Pulver is sick of talking about that scene, she does a convincing job of hiding it.

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