Is elease and pleasure p still dating

Bad Girls Club hits for a new city Las Vegas with a surprise of twin sisters entering the Bad Girls Mansion.

Tensions rises between Gia, Amy and Jenna causing multiple physical altercations into the house.

"Bad Girls Club" adds some sibling rivalry to its newest cast of young, bold, outrageous and endlessly entertaining women as they jockey for position as the head girl in charge.

Each claiming to be the ultimate "bad girl," can they put aside their differences and live together peacefully in a Las Vegas mansion - or will chaos rule?

Mimi makes a toast to all the dead homies in the house, including Palmer the inflatable palm tree, Jenna, Elease’s bed and Burberry swimsuit, and Mimi’s MARS necklace. After the white party, they all go out to a club where they meet Flo Rida and Pleasure P. She’s all, I’m from Florida, and I meet rappers ALL the time. I think she means gift wrappers at the mall during Christmas time.

She should consider herself lucky if that is their only faux pas of the night.

I heated up a can of soup—I’m fancy—and settled down on my couch to watch the latest episode of the Bad Girls Club. Elease, however, takes the time to flirt and talk with them.

Dani Victor, Methuen, MA — At barely 5 feet tall, people underestimate Danielle until they are faced with her sharp tongue.

She grew up with a tight knit family and a bossy twin sister, fellow “Bad Girl” Gabi.

It’s probably the calm before the storm, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Elease is really excited because her older sister Shneail is coming to visit. When someone visits me, they usually bring a bottle of wine or a baked good. She introduces her to all the other girls as they sit powdering their noses, which seems to be the only thing they do besides eating, sleeping, and drinking.

They return home and Mimi realizes they forgot to buy toilet paper. The next morning Dani decides to prepare for the arrival of Shneail. And I think to myself, the twins and I have really different expectations of our houseguests.

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