Eli clare degrassi dating dating program

Additionally for some reason I've had a couple people complain that I use the older kids and Clare wouldn't know any of them. First of all Clare actually did interact with many of the older kids including Peter, Spinner, Mia and Jay just to name a few.Secondly it's my story and therefor my reality so Clare will know whoever I decided she does, if I decide that she's Elvis' daughter in a story then she will be because it's my story.| The first consistent brotherly action we’ve seen from Adam and Drew all season.| An overly “happy” ending can be overlooked by the show daring to show Wesley getting tasered.Please see below and on the De Grassi Saviors website (link is above) for updating order and short stories currently running.

Clare’s storyline falls flat while Eli’s takes the helm.I do write for others though and I do have stories that don't center around Clare I just prefer to write for Clare.If you prefer Maya based stories I have a few but you should check out tomfeltonlover1991's stories she writes for Maya like I write for Clare and I collaborate/beta for her stories.Jenna’s plot stumbes out of the gate, but corrects itself with great storytelling in Part 2.| We receive an interesting look into Connor’s psyche.

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