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I suppose we can go to a sushi place since they generally don't use nuts, but I was thinking if I could surprise her with a safe option.

Bolts are one of the most common elements used in construction and machine design.

The threads were filed by hand or consisted of a wire wound around a rod and soldered on.

According to bolt expert Bill Eccles’ research, the history of the screw thread goes back much further.

Stick to neutral subjects — like mentioning a common ground you share based on something you read in her profile.

Problems are to be solved, while difficulties are to be experienced. It provides a beautiful view, and you can see Boston in the distance.

My niece was recently diagnosed with a peanut allergy, but she loves Chinese food.

NOT-SO-SMOOTH OPERATOR The scenario: “I recently received a message that said, ‘Damn you’re a pretty white girl, you into muscular black men?

While the history of threads can be traced back to 400 BC, the most significant developments in the modern day bolt and screw processes were made during the last 150 years.

Experts differ as to the origins of the humble nut and bolt. Graves argues that a threaded bolt and a matching nut serving as a fastener only dates back to the 15th century.

We too often conceive of difficulties in our lives as problems; therefore, we try to solve the unsolvable, thereby creating more difficulties (stress, pain, frustration, etc.). More » There is a park nearby that has roads and trails that lead up a hill.

Those experiences are opportunities to learn, to grow, to mature, to shed the old, to become reborn. Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to oneness.

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