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When Lacy was driving home, she noticed her car was smoking and that Holdsclaw was following her.What happened next threatens to put Holdsclaw, 35, in prison for up to 65 makes us laugh because of the irony of its situations, and it makes us smile because of the knowledge of the writing by robert dunn, paul guay, and stephen mazur.

At one time Chamique Holdsclaw was a WNBA superstar.

love hewitt and sigourney weaver deliver performances that are both sexy and funny.

-- Chamique Holdsclaw is getting her life back in order after being trapped in what felt like a "mental prison" following her arrest last November.

I've been on medications trying different things since 2002, and you tell me it takes a situation like this for people to really look at it and get the right medications." She's not angry anymore.

Jackson, who runs her own basketball academy with camps nationwide, recently worked with the four-time All-American at a camp near Chattanooga, Tenn.

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