Ang dating daan vs catholic

It wouldn’t be well for her if I were to lay everything on her at once.

I’ll just try to prepare her mind, and give in to her requests, and it is I that would have to show her what is right, God willing. I felt that the old things that I used to do, it’s as if they were instantly gone. Eli, I am thankful to him because he is a person who is aided by the Lord to preach to his fellow Filipinos and to his fellowmen as well.

Given that, politicians seek the endorsements of these religious leaders during elections, an acknowledgement of their influence on a substantial group of voters.

The Catholic Church-owned Radyo Veritas has played a vital part in the country’s history.

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However when I already got a job, I kind of drifted away from it. That’s when I got into vices, by befriending bad company.

I thank him because I am now a member of the Church of God.

~o~ I am a seafarer and when I was on board our ship, I had a co-worker who is a brother-in-faith here.

Zoe Broadcasting Network Incorporated holds the legislative franchise for the VHF channel being used by GMA News TV.

Villanueva had attempted to run for a national position in the past but never won.

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