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But it's also inspired many people into another obsessive pursuit - breaking the record for visiting all the stations in the fastest time possible. Never again will I look at a Ribena bottle in the same way ...Geoff is a similar age to me (he turns 40 soon), fully socially literate, runs his own business (honest - you can see it here) and has, in his own words, ‘never written a train number down in my life'. Geoff and I agree that we're obsessives who know we're obsessives, and that stops us being obsessives.It was just another scary sleepless night during Amanda’s shift since idan was all wired and could not sleep.On the plus side, since he no longer has the breathing tube, Amanda was able to climb into bed with Idan and hold him for the first time in 14 days (cue waterworks).This was a very big step after being intubated for 13 days.They have also started weaning him the narcotics, which has caused him to have some withdrawal symptoms and he has the shakes and some other symptoms of withdrawal (think Matthew Perry as Chandler in season 9 of Friends when he was addicted to pain killers), but they are doing a good job here adjusting the doses to help him deal.

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In August of 2013, Elon Musk casually released a 58-page proposal online with the unassuming title “Hyperloop Alpha.” Building on an idea the Tesla and Space X founder had hinted at in public a few times, the paper laid out his vision for a sleek, near-supersonic train in a giant pneumatic tube that would whisk passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It was possible, reading the paper, to picture oneself elegantly cocooned in a steel pod and gliding along the Pacific Coast in what was less a new kind of train than a 21st-century escape capsule freeing us from the archaic shackles of big-government infrastructure.

Musk’s inspiration had come when he found himself stuck in L. traffic, an hour late for an appointment, and from his disdain for the planned California High Speed Rail project, which had descended into a morass of schedule delays, cost hikes, funding shortfalls, and political overpromising. In any other era, such a plan might have been understood as a precocious youngster’s idea for a sci-fi novel, or fodder for a screenwriter’s elevator pitch.

You Tube is the first place I go to watch funny videos online—me and about a billion other people.

But one thing that always annoys me is having to sign in time after time to view age-restricted videos.

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